DK App

Steps for firmware

Download and run the DK App. Connect the DK device via USB to your computer. The DK App should display the device name, its hardware version and the firmware version. Download the required dkf format firmware file on this page below. Click in the DK App "Upload firmware ...", then select the dkf firmware file and click "Upload firmware". The process of updating the board software will start. Do not disconnect the board from USB at this moment.

Firmware update for DK Tank

Additionally, after flashing DK Tank, you may need to update the settings file settings.ini on the microSD card. If necessary, download the settings file corresponding to the firmware version or the version below.

Without replacing the settings.ini file, all the new parameters that appear in the file will be so have a default value. Therefore, you can ignore the update of settings.ini, or add new parameters manually. Information about the added and renamed parameters will be described in the changelog for the new version.

Problem solving

If the update process is interrupted at the time of loading or the firmware is damaged in any other way, the board will not boot or it will be impossible to perform the software update process.

In this case, the DK board must be forced into bootloader mode. To do this, hold down the button on the DK board, then connect the USB cable and apply power. The board will go into bootloader mode, the indicator on the board will blink frequently. Then release the button. The DK App will display the device name as "bootloader". Then you can update the firmware as usual.

DK Add-ons
Alpha version
DK App
Application for updating the firmware of DK boards.

Online store DKLMRC

Application DK App

Firmware version Description Download
0.1a First version. Download for Windows

Firmware DK Tank

Firmware version Changelog Download
  • Init version.
Firmware file DKF Settings file INI

Firmware DK Unit

Firmware version Changelog Download
  • Corrected reception of Heng Long and Tamiya battle protocols.
  • Change setting numbers with the button. The mode settings are now in the first parameter.
  • Added rotation range parameter for barrel rotation servo SERVO2.
  • A shot from a large-caliber cannon and a machine gun is now on the same CH1 channel, the function is designed for a 3-position switch or stick.
  • Added smooth rotation of the gun by the servo motor SERVO2 for the controlled unit mode through the CH2 channel.
  • SERVO3 now moves while fired. In addition to the controlled unit mode.
  • SERVO4 now moves while being destroyed. In addition to the controlled unit mode.
Firmware file DKF
  • First version.
Firmware file DKF