The tact button on the board serves for a test shot, selection of the DK Unit operating mode and for changing the basic settings. All settings are retained after restarting the device.

Press table

Pressing Action
Long press, more than 3 seconds. Switch to configuration mode, see below. The flashing red LED on the board will light up continuously.
One Press. Shot.
Two presses. Restarts the current mode. The number of HP units is restored.

Configuration Mode

To enter the configuration mode, hold the button for 3 seconds until the blinking red indicator on the board starts to light continuously. Then select the setting from the table below by pressing the button the appropriate number of times. The indicator on the board should blink as many times as the button was pressed and the board will exit the configuration mode. Some settings use two levels: first you need to select the setting number, then select the parameter number.

Number of clicks Setting Parameter
1 Mode selection. 1 - Test device.
2 - Artillery.
3 - Pillbox.
4 - Bombardment.
5 - Controlled device.
2 Vehicle class setting. Select the parameter number by pressing the button the appropriate number of times. 1 - Light class: 3 HP, recharge 3 seconds.
2 - Middle class: 5 HP, recharge 5 seconds.
3 - MBT class: 7 HP, recharge 7 seconds.
4 - Heavy class: 9 HP, recharge 9 seconds.
5 - Super heavy class: 12 HP, recharge 12 seconds.
3 Changing the operating mode of the smoke machine - turning on when destroying or turning on when firing.
4 Inverted recoil servo.
5 Rotation range of the barrel servo. 1 - Maximum rotation range.
2 - Reduced range.
3 - Medium range of rotation.
4 - The range is below medium.
5 - Small range of rotation.