Quick start

Turning on

Connect a charged battery and turn on the tank. The lighting LEDs and hit indicator should blink 3 times - hello mode. If there are problems with external equipment, the indication on the tank will signal this with short flashes. No signal from the control panel - 2 flashes, critical battery discharge - 4 flashes. See Indication.

Engine starting

To start moving, you need to "Start the engine". To do this, lift the right stick up (CH1 board channel) from the neutral position and hold for 3 seconds. To start moving, you need to return the stick to neutral position. Channels can be inverted on the remote, so if this fails, try the downward direction.

It is also possible to "turn on / off the engine" with the CH6 board channel. See Control.

If there are problems with starting the tank, for the test, you can press the button on the board once - the engine start command will send. See Button.


In the default setting, the reverse speed is half the forward speed, so you can check if the motors are connected correctly. Additionally, to check the connection of the motors, press the button on the board twice - the movement will begin first with the left motor forward, then with the right motor forward. If the movement is wrong, try changing the connection to the left and right motors, or explicitly invert the movement of an individual motor in the settings.

By default, the tank has a delay when starting the movement and when changing the direction of movement. This is necessary to reproduce the sound effects of gear shifting and engine roaring. You can adjust the delays in the parameters [steer_starting_delay] and [steer_redirect_delay].

Shooting and barrel control

To shot with IR or airsoft, quickly move the barrel stick up from the neutral position (CH4 board channel). Also, a shot occurs with the CH5 board channel.

To shot from a machine gun, quickly move the barrel stick down from the neutral position. Also, a shot occurs with the CH5 board channel. To elevate the barrel, raise or lower the stick and wait until the motor starts. See Control.

IR Battle

The tank has several states - the engine is off, the engine is on, and destroyed. You can shoot and get hits with the engine off and on. After the destruction of the tank, you can restore its operation no earlier than 15 seconds later. The tank will exit from the destruction state to the engine is on state if the engine is started again.

A separate LED6 is used to indicate when the gun is reloaded. At the end of the recharge, the LED flashes 3 times. See Indication.

The DK Tank has a limited ammo function. By default, you can only shoot 60 times. See parameter [battle_ammunition]. When you run out of ammo, the reload LED will flash quickly 3 times each time you try to fire. See Indication.

Settings the board

To configure the board, you need to edit the settings.ini file on the microSD card. This file contains all the necessary comments for the options. When changing the microSD card, turn off the power supply to the board. See Settings. To change sounds, overwrite the WAV files on the microSD card. See Sounds.

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